Peer pressure when it comes to your virginity

Hey guys! So here is I guess another life update on a topic that should be talked about more because so many people boys and girls deal with it. Make sure to leave a like, comment and click that follow button to see more of what I post and lets get into it!

So todays’ blog is about being pressured into losing your virginity, which I feel is a topic that nobody really talks about because of Peer pressure amongst other things. Guys everyone has different views on this topic, whether the right age is 15 or 19?, until after marriage? Well I am not here to tell you when, or with who but to address the feeling of being pressured in everyday life when it comes to this topic.

Firstly you need to know that it will happen when it happens. You can’t control when someone is ready to be intimate because we are all different and some feel more body conscious than others. Some feel like they are happy with their body and could be intimate whenever but others struggle and must feel so comfortable with the person. I am one of these people. To me I have to feel happy with myself and my body before I can expect someone else to be because I want to love myself before I give someone the chance to love me if that makes sense…

I don’t personally feel pressured by friends but that might be because in a way my friends are like me and believe that when it happens it happens and aren’t going out looking for someone all the time. To me there isn’t a right age, a right time, a right person or a right place because if it happens it happens, it just takes a little longer for some.

Let me know your views on this subject because I would love to know, just be wary that others may not have the same opinion because we all have a say and a different belief to another. Love you guys all so much and I will be uploading very, very soon X


Life update – how I’m feeling

Hey guys! So this might come across as a bit random but I feel like it is needed not only for those of you who might be interested but also as a bit of a mental check in for myself. One of the most unasked question is a simple one and it’s “how am I really feeling?”. It can be hard to answer for some as you have to be honest with yourself and what is going on in your life. If you want me to do regular life check ins then make sure to leave a like and comment how you are feeling right at this moment… sad,happy, angry whatever emotion you are feeling the comment section is open. Also check out my instagram where I will hopefully be uploading some more music stuff and yeah with that let us continue!

Now I fell out with my friend before the summer holidays and now that I am back at school I almost feel like I don’t know whether she is actually serious about being my friend. The way she treated me before everything was what some would say unforgivable but because I give so many people so many chances I don’t know whether letting her back into my life is a good decision? This whole series is about how I am feeling and giving advice to those of you maybe going through the same thing, like a coffee talk/emotions diary.

Well the last thing is a very relatable thing and it is being used and then thrown away metaphorically… I recently finished talking with somebody because it almost felt like they used me to keep themselves busy over the summer and as soon as school came around they finished with me. I’m not a hobby that you can just stop because of one reason or another and to be honest I am glad it happened because who knows how long he would have led me on. Promise me something guys? Never let anyone use you for their own personal pass by because you are worth more than that.

Right guys this made my mid actually quite clear because writing is a way of therapy for me and with that I will be uploading soon X

The truth about Ouji boards

WARNING:I do not suggest that you play a spirit board as it opens a door for the supernatural which could lead in possession or you being haunted. If you do decide to play a spirit board or any other form of a Ouji board then please do your research and make sure to stay safe.

Hey you guys and gals in todays post I am going to be writing all about Ouji boards amongst other types of spirit boards that are known today. Make sure to leave a like,comment if you have ever played a Ouji board and click that follow button to see more of what I post and if you want to learn about these boards then just keep reading…

So fun fact! You can buy a Ouji board in places such as Toys’R’us! And even more weird… they are found in the childrens section… I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t let my kids play with something that lets you contact spirits, but each to their own you know!

A Ouji board can also be known as a spirit board or talking board and is a flat board with the letters of the alphabet, numbers 0-9, yes, no, hello (occasionally) and goodbye painted onto it. The board also comes with a planchette included which is what players must put their fingers on and circle to begin the game. This planchette will spell out words and phrases in order for you to converse with the spirit on the other side. There have been many movies where a Ouji or spirit board has been featured and is a game for thrill-seekers. But how do you play one… You and you friend/s place the planchette on the letter ‘G’ and put your fingers lightly on the sides of the plastic piece. Circle the planchette 3 times and after the third say out loud “Ouji, we are here” the begin to ask your questions. To end the game move the planchette to Goodbye and say goodbye all together.

However.. There are many things that you should not do and many things that are signs of a demon trying to escape the board. Here are some…
1. Do NOT use a spirit board by yourself, you must play with a friend/s
2. Don’t ask questions such as “when am I going to die?” as you will not get a serious answer
3. Don’t ask questions you know the answer to “what’s my middle name?”
4. Don’t let the spirit control the session.

End the game immediately if…
1. The planchette is doing figures of eight
2. The planchette is going through the numbers backwards 9-1
3. The planchette says its’ name is ZOZO/ZAZA (a powerful demon)
4. If it says your death date
5. If it says your full name
6. Parlour tricks (turning lights on/off)
7. If the board spells out LUCIFER

A Ouji board isn’t the only type of Ouji board. Throughout many religions there are different variations of a spirit board, even if they have different names, they do the same thing. For example in the Wicken religion their board is known as a Wicken spell board which is a Ouji board with more symbols but still allows you to contact the other side.

I hope you enjoyed this blog, but I will say it again if you are going to play one of these boards do your research as I did not include everything in this one post. If you want another in the Ouji series let me know and I will be uploading soon

Jack the ripper – Serial Killers

Warning:If you find that you get distressed from hearing gruesome details of murders please do not read this as that will be included. No offence will be taken if you decide not to carry on reading

Hey guys! So recently I listened to a podcast on some of the most terrifying seriel killers in history and one of them was called Jack the ripper. Make sure to leave a like,comment and click that follow button to see more of what I post and if you are interested in learning about this mysterious killer then just keep reading…Also guys if you want me to do more posts on other serial killers let me know in the comments below…

So Jack the Ripper is a name given to an unidentified seriel killer who massacred people in the area of London in 1888. These victims were usually female prostitutes whos throats were cut after abdominal mutilation. Now 3 of the victims had their organs removed which led people to believe that this killer had some surgical knowledge and could be a doctor or nurse of some kind. As more deaths occurred police began to piece them together and it turned out all of these murderes were committed by the same person. Whether the killer was male or female remains unknown to this day as the seriel killer is still unidentified. The murders occurred from April 3rd 1888 to 13th February 1891, 5 people were killed. It was not the amount of people that were murdered that made Jack the ripper stand out but the way he killed them was so gruesome. It makes my stomach turn.

Hope you enjoyed and I will be uploading soon

Valak – The nun movie

Hey you lovely bunch of people! Todays post is inspired by the movie “the nun”. Sadly I haven’t watched it yet because it isn’t in cinemas anymore but as sson as it is out on DVD I will be straight to watching it. But anyways make sure to leave a like,comment and follow to see more of what post and lets get into it!!!

So the demon that the storyline includes is real and goes by the name of Valak. Now in the film the demon is in the form of the nun and made its first appearance in the conjuring 2, and also at the end of Annabelle the creation. Valak is a very real, very powerful demon in hell but does actually not looking like a nun or a woman on that hand. Valak is the president of hell and rides a two headed dragon and can take on the image of a small child with wings. He can give true answers and hidden treasures, and can also control and summon serpants. People who practice dark magic use him in order to find these said treasures, but be warned though because Valak has extreme strengh and is very dangerous and smart. Many theroise that the reason Valak appears as a nun is to mock the fact that religion is said to destroy all evil.

Anyways hope you enjoyed and I will be uploading soon

Real life Vampires

Hey guys! So as a part of this 31 days of Halloween series I did a post on Dracula and as I was researching I came across a video about REAL LIFE VAMPIRES. That’s right there are vampires around us and I am going to be explaining all about them. Make sure to leave a like,comment and click that follow button to see more of what I post and yeah lets get into it!

So we all know about vampires and the myths surrounding them. We have been told certain things from an early age like they have fangs, they drink blood, they have no reflection and they turn into bats. Well the belief of vampires actually stems from when people believed that the dead were coming back to life. When a body decomposes, the skin shrinks and therefore the nails and teeth look as though they are growing. In addition to this when organs fail a black liquid escapes from the nose and mouth and could resemble blood. This is where the belief of vampires originates from. Now in addition to this some also claim that it was easier to blame these unseen forces and vampires than the disease that was actually taking the lives of so many. But that isn’t why you clicked on this blog… You want to know about real vampires. Well here you go!

There are 3 main types of vampires in everyday life…
A blood feeder is a vampire who survives of the intake of human blood. This is normally from a willing doner and is a normal thing. Don’t worry they are very sterile but they claim that if they do not intake blood it makes them ill and they start to decay.
Next is an energy vampire who feeds off of peoples energy. This can be an unwilling victim who will be left feeling drained but can also be done through astral projection. If you want to learn about astral projection I did a post on it so go check it out.
Finally a sexual vampire feeds off sexual interactions and feelings and this pretty much explains itself. Basically they survive off sex and interactions of that sort.

Now there are places that these vampires reside and most actually live in places called vampire houses which is a house of vampires that is run by an elder. An elder vampire looks out for these vampires and helps them in their everyday lifestyle as a vampire.

Let me know what you think guys and I will be uploading soon

Dear David – my thoughts

Hey guys! So in today’s blog I will be sharing my thoughts on the dear David series. Make sure to leave a like,comment your thoughts and click that follow button to see more of what I post and lets get into it!

So if you don’t know what the dear David series is, basically it is a long thread of pictures and comments about a guy being haunted by a young boy who appears to have his head smashed in. His head is like this because supposedly a shelf was knocked onto him resulting in the large gaping hole. The guy who is going through the haunting comes across as being extremely confused and inquisitive but with the amount of evidence and crazy stuff that had happened people don’t know whether to believe it or not. In the ending there were actually photos of the boy (David) hovering over the sleeping man and some of the things are extremely creepy. This man became almost obsessed with finding David and proving he was real, he even took photos throughout the night which is how he supposedly caught David on Camera. What do you guys think because if you haven’t seen it you need to! This was a big craze and it left so many people clueless and wanting more updates and evidence. Personally I believe most of it. It is extremely real to me but then as more people started hearing about it I didn’t know whether it was him trying to get content and views from it. That is the only doubt I have against the story.

Let me know your opinion and I will be uploading soon