A big thankyou

Recently I have had lots of support from you guys – my readers. I want you all to know I appreciate all of it so much. Every like, comment and follow brings me one step closer to my goal. I always wanted a blog and as I am still in school almost at the point to choose my GCSEs this only helps me get further to reaching what I want in life… a successful blog. Thankyou all so much keep up the support and Ilyasm – I will upload soon (Saturdays and Tuesdays)


How to stop caring what others think

How to stop caring what people think

Hey guys! So as I said I want to start a sort of coffee talks series and today I just want to touch upon how to stop caring what others think of you. I think this is a really important topic that practically everyone today struggles with because of things like social media that display the perfect everything. Perfect car, perfect body and perfect way to look or dress. So how do we be ourselves and not get judged for it? The truth is you can’t if people judge you they judge you but its only because they don’t have the strength to be themselves and do what you are doing. They maybe don’t know who they are when they aren’t following the “perfect” lifestyle. Just as long as you know if they do judge you it’s them not you.

That is the first thing you need to remember there is always a reason they do and say these things you need to ask yourself “did I do anything?” and if the answer is no it is most likely something going on in their lives that is causing them to act in this way.

Secondly as long as you feel happy in your own skin and happy with yourself not to be rude but who cares what they think. They are a different person and they have an entirely different style and life to you. Sure they might have the same colour hair or eyes as you but they are an entire different person so who cares what they think about you. So as long as you are happy with yourself that is all that matters.

Finally even if you aren’t happy with yourself act with confidence. When you do his you will see a change you will like the way you look and act because if you act as though you own the place not with cockiness but confidence you will soon actually own the room. Okay that’s my 3 tips on how to stop caring what others think I love you all. Leave a comment and a like and I will be uploading soon X

How to GYST

How to GYST
HEYYYYYY you lot! Sooooooo I’ve decided to split my blogs into 6 topics (style, lifestyle,food,travel,coffee talks and beauty) so today as a lifestyle blog I decided to write about how I get my … stuff together. HA! I bet most of you thought I was gonna use a bad word! Get your minds out of the gutter!
Well anyways lets get on into this!!!

Okay so I GYST on a Sunday but I also do a bit on the Saturday if I have time (Yanno me being a busy gal and all) because I might have other things on that weekend. I start of my writing down all the things I need to do and it usually looks something like this:
MUSIC (hobbies)

So I put the things I need to do under these headings and as I do them I tick them off. I also put a planning title for the Sunday where I have an hour to write any ideas down. Another headi8ng could be mental health if you are into meditation or even fitness (but I’m lazy soooo).

I find making lists helps because it lets me feel really proud of my self (and gives me a massive ego boost because nobody else is proud of me HAHAHA!) and helps me to see all I can achieve when I really put my mind to it.
I hope this helped you leave a like and a comment and I will be uploading soon!!