brain dumping

Hey guys! So todays blog might be quick it it is all about brain dumps which although sound slightly off putting are actually an extremely good way to basically get your shit together (for lack of a better word). I do a brain dump every Sunday as part of my weekly review so I am going to show you how. Make sure to leave a like,comment and click that follow button to see more of what I post and lets get on with I shall we?

In my eyes, a brain dump is where I get everything that is either weighing on my mind or worrying me or just things that I need to get done and blurt it onto a piece of paper to collect my thoughts in one place.

Honestly anything. Anything that you think is worrying you or just simply things you need to get done, think of it like a TODO list. Personally as an anxious person I write down my problems like my singing solo for example. This worried me for a log time and then I sat there and blurted why it was worrying me and I did it. It allows you to reflect on why and how you feel. I also use or for homework and bog TODO’s like essays. For my blog this could be ideas or things that I need to do to finish a certain post Like finding images, editing it ect ect.

I like to do a weekly brain dump on Sundays wit my weekly review (I did a post all about that which you should totally check out by the way ;)) and I basically blurt everything that I am worried about for the week ahead or need to get done.

Simply, it helps you just get everything on paper and organises it in one place so it is easier to access. It also helps to soothe an anxious or worried mind when your thoughts are all over the place.

Hope you enjoyed let me know if you try brain dumping and I will be uploading soon

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