Mindful morning routine

Hey guys! So as most of you probably know I wake up early every morning. It makes me more productive and just sets a good mood for the day. In this blog I am going to tell you how to set good intentions for the day ahead, even when you are feeling like a bit of a slug. Make sure to leave a like,comment what time you wake up on a morning and click follow to see more of what I post and if you want to know how to have a mindful morning then just keep reading!

Firstly when I wake up I usually feel groggy and honestly I don’t want to get up, just like everyone else, but I have found a habit that really changed that for me. Drinking a bottle or a glass of water on a morning as soon as you wake up has so many benefits. It not only wakes you up but increases the productivity and mental wellness of your brain which in turn effects your work, your studying, even your mood can be boosted. It also clears and brightens your skin which is yet another bonus. I usually drink about a litre over he course of the morning but as long as you have even a glass, your day will improve so much.

Next I always like to wake up either 10- 15 minutes before my alarm actually goes off. This not only stops that feeling of rushing on a morning but just wakes me up and stops that feeling of grogginess. I get more done on a morning and I can have more time to do the next hack which is journaling and reading.

Journaling ad reading help me to cleanse my energy for the day ahead and allow my brain to focus more. This impacts my work dramatically as at school I can get straight into my work because my brain is able to concentrate. It also just creates a peaceful atmosphere amongst al of the hustle and bustle of everyday school life.

Do not skip breakfast. Trust me if you eat something you will feel so much better. I usually opt for porridge which is full of fibre and gives me energy. If you are a student this one will impact you because I know the feeling when you skip breakfast because you are rushing and al you can think about is that awful tummy rumble. You can’t work and you cant concentrate. So please if you take something from this post let it be this.

Finally, get everything ready the night before because again I know the feeling of rushing on a morning and that sinking feeling when you forget something because you were too busy. So just pack your stuff before and it will give you so much more piece of mind and more time. You won’t forget a book again I guarantee.

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