The 80/20 principle

Hey guys! So I have recently been researching all the ways to get the most out of a productive day and one of them being a practice called 80/20 let me know if you have ever heard of it before and if so how do you use it, I would love to know. Anyways in this blog I am going to explain what 80/20 actually is and ways that you can use it in every day life. Make sure to leave a like,comment and click that follow button to see more of what I post as I am trying to hit 150 followers. With that lets get on with it!

The principle of 80/20 is basically 80% of the activities in your life bringing you 20% happiness. However this can also be a 70/30 split, a 40/60 split or even a 99/1 split


This can include your partner, friends and family and you need to ask yourself which people bring you that 20% of happiness. Ask yourself who is making an effort? Who is causing you stress and anxiety? And basically who has been there through thick and thin and brings you joy as soon as they step into a room? It is those people who you need to keep and the others who put no effort in, well unfortunately they need to go as they are weighing on your happiness.

For example a blog can have so many things that can come from it and grow it. You can use two things that work the best for growth on your blog representing the 20% that always work and the other ideas being the 80%. Focus on the 20% that works

Ask yourself when are you the most peaceful and filled with joy? What are you doing when you feel this way? That will represent the 20% bringing you happiness and the 80% being things that bring you down or dampen your mood. For me its homework even though I have to do it 😦

You can 80/20 anything that brings you joy … food hehe;) anyways guys that is it for todays post make sure to leave a like ad follow my instagram that will be linked below and I will be uploading soon

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