2018 Holy grail or a complete fail?

Hey guys! So in todays blog I am going to be looking back on the past year, the ups, the downs, the highlights and I want you to do the same. Make sure to leave a like,comment and follow to see more of what I post (my instagram is below) and lets get into it!

So the first thing that you need to reflect on is WAS THIS PAST YEAR A HOLY GRAIL OR A FAIL? So did this year make you happy in general, was there moe happy memories than sad. How did this year treat you?

Then you need to look back on your memories from that year, for example the good times and bad, I personally list some of them as it allows me to be grateful for all of the things I have done and the people I have met. A gratitude list is a good way to start as you are remembering what has happened over that 365 days and how it made you feel. I also look back through my diary and all of the experiences that I have survived and grown from.

Now how did my 2018 treat me? Well overall this year was good, better than 2017 anyways because that year was a wreck! I have learnt so much, met so many people and just in general been myself more and I am ready to make 2019 as good as it can be, starting by passing my exams and my mock. I have met guys and I have lost them. I have made a new friend who is my rock. And my mental health hasnt been as bad, I am learning how to deal with me and how I am feeling.

But a big part of my happiness is my family, not only my family at home but you guys! You have helped me so much in my writing which is were I can go to escape and learn from you amazing, beautify people and I just want to say thankyou! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!

I will be uploading soon X

Author: lif3slittlethings

I love fashion,beauty,travel and COFFEE.So make sure to follow me and Learn all about my crazy life. Uploading on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Also make sure to follow my Instagram @lif3s_little_things for more posts X

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