Do they like me back?

So I have been going through something recently and it is eating me up inside because I feel I can’t tell anyone. This is a common thing but guys… I still love my ex. Make sure to leave a like, comment and click follow to see more of what I post and lets get into it.

So me and my ex boyfriend broke up about 3 years ago and we are in the same class so I see him every day. I never stopped having feeling for him and recently we have gotten very close again. By this I mean he sits behind me in some lessons and he will start messing with my hair and trying to get my attention by kicking my chair and putting his legs up on me. I don’t know if this means he likes me but he is getting very touchy touchy if you get what I mean. The truth is we broke up because I needed to put me and my mental health first and I am scared that if I fall for him again my issues will push him away. I opened up to him about something very sad that happened last year and it has effected me ever since. He was understanding and will not leave y side if he thinks I am upset. Let me know what you guys think does he like me?

Well anyways if you relate I am here to give you some advice on how to tell if your crush likes you…even if I can’t tell if the guy I like likes me back! Here we go|!
1. If he/she always tries to talk to you or relate to something that happened between you.
“omg do you remember when…”
2. If he/she is always trying to touch or lean on you
3. If he/she sticks up for you when you are being teased
4. If he/she is always complimenting you
5. if he/she texts you all the time or tries to hang out with you
6. if he/she gets embarrassed when your friends say “oh do you like her?”

Well guys are there any guys or girls who are ticking all of these boxes in your life let me know in the comments and I will be uploading soon


Author: lif3slittlethings

I love fashion,beauty,travel and COFFEE.So make sure to follow me and Learn all about my crazy life. Uploading on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Also make sure to follow my Instagram @lif3s_little_things for more posts X

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