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Hey guys! So as I think most of you know, I have dabbled in tarot for a while now so I thought I would share with you my honest experiences with tarot and my spirituality. Make sure to leave a like,comment and click follow to see more of what I want and if you want to know more then just keep reading…

So for the month of October I challenged myself to do a tarot reading every morning along with my daily horoscope. I am a believer of these things and found that tarot only truly works fully on those who believe in it whole-heartedly. I had many encounters and weird, I want to say coincidences but they weren’t. In my opinion tarot truly works and has made me feel so connected to my spirituality because of these said experiences. Tarot is said to be a form of black magic but I don’t see it as a negative thing because I do it with a positive mindset. However, since doing tarot ghostly things have been happening and I do not know if it is connected in some form…it’s just weirdly timed.
If you want to know what happened, let me know and I will update you guys on that. I have also tried meditation and found that it helped me and my anxiety so much because it truly puts you in a peaceful mood. I do it before bed and sometimes if I have time on a morning. It sets a positive tone for my day as being a student can get quite stressful and I need to take a breather. Further more, I filled out a habit and mood tracker to see what I was doing to make me feel certain ways along with journaling to kind of link my mood and my actions and see what makes me feel good/bad. These things helped me so much and I filled a notebook called my mind, body and soul book with notes and horoscopes.

Let me know if you try any of these and I will be uploading soon


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