So guys I get asked this question a lot but I wanted to do a blog post on it because I know so many of you feel so stongly about this and for those of you who don’t or have never heard of it todays blog is all about feminism and what feminism actually is. I will be sharing my views and also just diving into what it is al about. But bfore all of that Hi guys welcome back to another fun-filled blog! make sure to leave a like an if you have read this far comment “pineapple” don’t ask why ahaha but without further ado let us continue! WHOOP WHOOP!

So firstly what actually is the definition of feminism?
“Feminism is a range of movements and ideoligies that share a common goal: to define,establish and achieve equal political,economic,cultural,personal and social rights for women. This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment. A feminist advocates or supports the rights and equality of women.”

My opinions/views on feminism…
Personally I have never called myself a “feminist” but I do believe in equality and rights for women. Both men and women should be able to do the same things if the person wants to. We are all human, gender doesn’t define you, you can do what you want! It is your life and do with it what you want because it is your story so don’t let anyone else write it for you!

Some famous/well known feminists…
1. Mary wollstonecraft
2. Amelia Bloomer
3. Simone de Beauvoir
4. Alice Paul
5. Lucy stone

Do I know any feminists?
Yes, my best friend sees herself as a feminist as is extremely passionate about her views. She teaches us all about equality and has changed so many peoples mind sets without using force or being pushy. She believes that everyone is free to make their own decision but feels that feminism should be talked about more, to which I agree.

Feminism is all about girl power and equality for both men and women. No matter race, gender,culture or sexuality we are all equal. So guys hope you enjoyed and I will be uploading soon !


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