How I plan and write my blogs

Hey guys so I have been doing lots of thinking about my future and where I want to be and as I am not the only one who may want to continue with English and blogging I thought I would share my tips on planning and writing posts with you guys and see what you thought. As always make sure to like,comment and follow to see more of my posts and lets get on into it! WHOOP WHOOP!

First I have to have clean surroundings so I make sure to put everything away and grab my laptop, planner and a cup of tea so I am all snug and comfortable. Then I like to start by writing ideas and sorting them into months and seasons such as SPRING,AUTUMN WINTER AND SUMMER ect ect. Then once that is done I like to write some of them then and there so I have them all ready to go. I start by writing an intro and if my mood isn’t right I will leave this as I want all my posts to be positive and energetic. Once I find I am in a better mood I just write what I would say to someone in the room and I find that helps me to write in a way that makes it easy to understand.

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My school night routine

Hey guys so yesterday I uploaded a morning routine for the days that I am at school so today I thought to follow from this blog I will upload my night routine. As always make sure to leave a like and a comment and click follow to see ore of my posts and with this very long intro out of the way lets get on into it!

Throughout the week my nights change depending on what I do in terms of clubs but if I don’t have any clubs I finish school at 3:30 and end up getting home around 4:00. As soon as I step in the door I put my bags and coat down and head to get food. Normally I just have a snack to keep me full before dinner. After I grab that I take my bags up to my room where I flick on some fairy lights and the here and sit with the TV and my food for around 30 minutes to sort of chill for awhile after the day of school. Then I get my homework out normally I do that for around an hour but it depends on how much I get that night and I then change into some comfy clothes like a pair of joggers and a sweatshirt. I recently purchased two sweatshirts from goose and gander, they did take a while to arrive but they are soooo comfy and it was worth the wait. It is around 5 or 6 now and I then watch TV eat dinner and have some family time before showering and doing my skincare routine at 8 and going to bed at 9.

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My morning routine on a school day

Heyyyy guys so I have been watching loads of routine videos and I thought that if you guys love routines like I do maybe you would love to see this. So this is my morning routine on a school day and yeah lets get into it!

So first I wake up at 6:30, and I like to put my phone with my alarm at the other end of the room so I have to actually get out of bed. Then I make my bed which helps my room look a bit better than it usually does and I put on my dressing gown and slippers to head downstairs. Downstairs I get breakfast and a cup of coffee (I LOVE COFFEE!!) and I take that back up and I start to do my makeup and hair. So if you want a everyday school makeup look comment below and I will do that. Then I watch some YouTube and get changed before heading out the door at 8:00 and arriving at school at 8:30.

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Organisation tips

Hey guys so recently I posted a motivated blog and I thought this week I would write about a topic some people struggle with that is also tied into motivation. So in this blog I am writing all about my organisation tips and that is something I have always been good at. Make sure to check out my instagram @lif3s_little_things any support is appreciated. So without further ado here is my tips and tricks for being organised!

First this can be for school, college or work if you have any meetings:make sure to pack your things the night before. The amount of times that I have woken up late and run out of the house without the things I need is actually embarrassing! Comment below if you have done this) and it is only going to cause you stress. So make sure to pack your things the night before and leave it by the door.

Next If you have an untidy work place it is possible you will leave something tucked away and end up forgetting it. Whether it is a text book or anything as simple as a pen! A PEN! It really sucks trust me.

This is one that I struggle with but any sheets or loose pieces of paper glue in or put in a folder. This helps trust me. Because when the teacher asks you to pull out the sheet you were working on last week and you are rummaging around trying to find it in the bottomless pit of random pieces of paper lets be honest you are going to want to run and hide.

Another tip is not to procrastinate. Leaving things till later isn’t going to make them go away. It isn’t going to make them less big of a piece of work it is only going to add to your stress when you have five minutes to do it before class and your attempting to write an essay in that little time. NOT GOOD!

Finally I put this in my last blog but make a list of all the things you need to do. It helps to put things in perspective and makes you feel proud when you cross everything off.

So make sure to leave a like and a comment. Follow my instagram I follow everyone back and tell me if you follow these tips and which of them worked for you. I love you guys so much thank you for all the support and I will be uploading soon X