weekly plan

Hey guys! I am not even kidding you right now… I think I might have the plague… Maybe I am exaggerating but my throat is killing me and I think it is fair to say I am not feeling the best right now. Anyways, todays blog is all about something that helps when I feel like this and it basically gets my week in line so I know what I am doing and when. Yes it is of course my weekly plan. Make sure to leave a like and comment below “get well soon” because honestly guys, I will appreciate it. Also make sure to click follow on this blog and on my instagram which will be linked below like always to see more of what I post and with that lets just get right into it!

So I have a notebook dedicated to my plans I am not sure where it is from but I believe it is paperchase. Anyways I start of by writing down the dates that are important this week and what needs to get done when. For example I write when blogs need to be uploaded (Tuesdays and Saturdays), edited (Mondays and Thursdays) and written. Also because I am in the stages of preparing for my mocks and GCSE’s I also write in when I need to revise and how long for (religious studies for 2 hours).

Once I have all of my dates for the week written down I organise them into the google keep app where basically I list my TODO’s for the days ahead. This app allows me to gather all the information in one place and just makes it simpler. I also then like to write any important days or things that need to get done on which days on my calender.

Each week I also include my monthly review which I have written a blog on so check it out. Basically it helps me get my head together, collect my thoughts and worries and ask myself what went well? What didn’t go as planned? And what I can do to improve next week? This helps me on my way to achieving my goals and resolutions (I have also done a post on that so again check it out if you are interested).

Now I do a lot of others things around this time including brain storming ideas for future posts and instagrams which I write in another notebook. I also take the time to do my tarot and journaling at this time but that is included in my weekly review in my mind.

Hope you enjoyed, make sure to leave a like and comment “get well soon” to help me on my road to recovery and I will be uploading shortly!

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brain dumping

Hey guys! So todays blog might be quick it it is all about brain dumps which although sound slightly off putting are actually an extremely good way to basically get your shit together (for lack of a better word). I do a brain dump every Sunday as part of my weekly review so I am going to show you how. Make sure to leave a like,comment and click that follow button to see more of what I post and lets get on with I shall we?

In my eyes, a brain dump is where I get everything that is either weighing on my mind or worrying me or just things that I need to get done and blurt it onto a piece of paper to collect my thoughts in one place.

Honestly anything. Anything that you think is worrying you or just simply things you need to get done, think of it like a TODO list. Personally as an anxious person I write down my problems like my singing solo for example. This worried me for a log time and then I sat there and blurted why it was worrying me and I did it. It allows you to reflect on why and how you feel. I also use or for homework and bog TODO’s like essays. For my blog this could be ideas or things that I need to do to finish a certain post Like finding images, editing it ect ect.

I like to do a weekly brain dump on Sundays wit my weekly review (I did a post all about that which you should totally check out by the way ;)) and I basically blurt everything that I am worried about for the week ahead or need to get done.

Simply, it helps you just get everything on paper and organises it in one place so it is easier to access. It also helps to soothe an anxious or worried mind when your thoughts are all over the place.

Hope you enjoyed let me know if you try brain dumping and I will be uploading soon

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mid-month refresh

Hello you beautiful bunch of people! In today’s blog I am going to be talking about something so relevant to my life and possibly yours which is the need for a mid-month refresh. This could even be a mid year refresh or even just a mid week refresh because lets face it we have all needed one at some point. Make sure to leave a like, comment your favourite colour (mine is yellow) and click that pesky follow button on this blog and my instagram which will be linked below, to see more of what I post. And without any further do, let’s get into this.

Now I am going to ask you a question which personally I can relate to, have you ever gotten to the middle of a month and said “I can’t start afresh half way through a year, or month or week, I will have to wait until the first…”. If you have then this blog is especially for you because there is nothing more that I relate to than that question. But you don’t need to feel that way. You can click the refresh button half way through a day, on a random winters morning, it does not have to be on the 1st of a month or the Monday of a week. Start afresh NOW. DONT WAIT!. Honestly in the long run it doesn’t make a difference whether you start on the 1st or the 16th so why wait until the start of a new month to become productive and mindful of your surroundings.

Well below I am going to list the things that you can do during your mid-month refresh!
No you don’t have to spend money on a fancy get away you just need to treat yourself whether at home or out and about. Have a bath, do your nails, wash your hair, do a face mask. Relax a bit and let the refresh begin because there is nothing worse than trying to carry on through a year when all you want to do is start over and be a more productive human being in general. JUST START AGAIN BECAUSE THERE IS NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT.
Being a blogger I have mastered the art of planning and scheduling ahead of time and it just gets rid of some of the stress in my life. I use the app Google keep to have all of my upcoming events and upload days in one place and it genuinely helps. By taking the stress away and putting it all on paper you will have less floating around in your mind meaning less anxiety which is a big plus.
By writing these down you can start to work towards changing what went wrong and what you will do differently after you refresh and reboost.
Again this allows you to start improving your refresh before it has even begun and allows you to think of ways to resolve the problems that you have faced.

This is an action plan for having a better month and you can do it as many times as you need. Start over and over and over again as long as you feel you are getting more and more productive. Make sure to leave a like and I will be uploading soon X

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Mindful morning routine

Hey guys! So as most of you probably know I wake up early every morning. It makes me more productive and just sets a good mood for the day. In this blog I am going to tell you how to set good intentions for the day ahead, even when you are feeling like a bit of a slug. Make sure to leave a like,comment what time you wake up on a morning and click follow to see more of what I post and if you want to know how to have a mindful morning then just keep reading!

Firstly when I wake up I usually feel groggy and honestly I don’t want to get up, just like everyone else, but I have found a habit that really changed that for me. Drinking a bottle or a glass of water on a morning as soon as you wake up has so many benefits. It not only wakes you up but increases the productivity and mental wellness of your brain which in turn effects your work, your studying, even your mood can be boosted. It also clears and brightens your skin which is yet another bonus. I usually drink about a litre over he course of the morning but as long as you have even a glass, your day will improve so much.

Next I always like to wake up either 10- 15 minutes before my alarm actually goes off. This not only stops that feeling of rushing on a morning but just wakes me up and stops that feeling of grogginess. I get more done on a morning and I can have more time to do the next hack which is journaling and reading.

Journaling ad reading help me to cleanse my energy for the day ahead and allow my brain to focus more. This impacts my work dramatically as at school I can get straight into my work because my brain is able to concentrate. It also just creates a peaceful atmosphere amongst al of the hustle and bustle of everyday school life.

Do not skip breakfast. Trust me if you eat something you will feel so much better. I usually opt for porridge which is full of fibre and gives me energy. If you are a student this one will impact you because I know the feeling when you skip breakfast because you are rushing and al you can think about is that awful tummy rumble. You can’t work and you cant concentrate. So please if you take something from this post let it be this.

Finally, get everything ready the night before because again I know the feeling of rushing on a morning and that sinking feeling when you forget something because you were too busy. So just pack your stuff before and it will give you so much more piece of mind and more time. You won’t forget a book again I guarantee.

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The 80/20 principle

Hey guys! So I have recently been researching all the ways to get the most out of a productive day and one of them being a practice called 80/20 let me know if you have ever heard of it before and if so how do you use it, I would love to know. Anyways in this blog I am going to explain what 80/20 actually is and ways that you can use it in every day life. Make sure to leave a like,comment and click that follow button to see more of what I post as I am trying to hit 150 followers. With that lets get on with it!

The principle of 80/20 is basically 80% of the activities in your life bringing you 20% happiness. However this can also be a 70/30 split, a 40/60 split or even a 99/1 split


This can include your partner, friends and family and you need to ask yourself which people bring you that 20% of happiness. Ask yourself who is making an effort? Who is causing you stress and anxiety? And basically who has been there through thick and thin and brings you joy as soon as they step into a room? It is those people who you need to keep and the others who put no effort in, well unfortunately they need to go as they are weighing on your happiness.

For example a blog can have so many things that can come from it and grow it. You can use two things that work the best for growth on your blog representing the 20% that always work and the other ideas being the 80%. Focus on the 20% that works

Ask yourself when are you the most peaceful and filled with joy? What are you doing when you feel this way? That will represent the 20% bringing you happiness and the 80% being things that bring you down or dampen your mood. For me its homework even though I have to do it 😦

You can 80/20 anything that brings you joy … food hehe;) anyways guys that is it for todays post make sure to leave a like ad follow my instagram that will be linked below and I will be uploading soon

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Weekly review 2019

Why hello there guys! Yes I am giddy but it is for a good reason because trust me I am PUMPED! P-U-M-P-E-D! Okay I will calm down but today’s blog has been so long awaited and it is how I do my weekly reviews which is something new to me but I am getting the hang of it. It really helps me to Get my shit together (for lack of a better word) and I want to share it with you beautiful people in the hopes that it helps you to. Make sure to leave a like,comment and follow this blog and my instagram which is linked below and lets get into it because I am PUMPED!… sorry that was the last time I promise…

So my review happens on a Sunday just before the week properly begins and I start by looking at my monthly schedule/calender and just finalizing any plans with friends and basically checking dates for appointments. That can be getting my hair cut or just getting coffee with one of my pals. Whatever it is I gather my information, finalize plans and organise it in the google keep app. If you are like me and get a buzz from ticking off TODO lists ten this app is for you.. promise this isn’t sponsored I just frigging love the app. It allows me to get all of the information into categories and just allows me to be more productive.

After this I then have a huge brain-dump. If you are an anxious person or a constant worrier like myself, you will know the struggle of having a thousand things floating inside your head at once. Well brain dumping allows me to get it all onto paper and sort it into an order or importance. For example I had a school essay that needed doing ASAP that I pushed to the back of my mind with an excuse that we all know. “I’ll do it later”, “I’ll do it after one episode of riverdale” NO! NO YOU WON’T! We have all done that. You sit down with the intention of watching one episode, one innocent episode but then 1 turns into 2 and then 2 into 4 and by the time you finally decide to get off your arse and do your work you have watched 3 seasons… yeah, that’s a problem. So rain dumping allows me to get to the nitty gritty about what needs to get done, when and all of the things that are worrying me come flooding out… like my tears about the essay 😦

ANYWAYS, then I like to do a weekly reflection where I check on my goals and my progress. So I ask myself these questions:
This can be progress towards your goals, so I ate well this week, I didn’t order any take aways and I worked out everyday. This can be moulded to fit you personal goals
I skipped working out and binged on chocolate, I never finished the assignment because I watched 2 seasons of a show on netflix
What I am grateful for this week, my brother picking me up from school, my parents buying me food ect
What I want to achieve by my next weekly review, get an A in that test on Friday

So that is my weekly review guys I hope you enjoyed and I will be uploading soon X

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2018 Holy grail or a complete fail?

Hey guys! So in todays blog I am going to be looking back on the past year, the ups, the downs, the highlights and I want you to do the same. Make sure to leave a like,comment and follow to see more of what I post (my instagram is below) and lets get into it!

So the first thing that you need to reflect on is WAS THIS PAST YEAR A HOLY GRAIL OR A FAIL? So did this year make you happy in general, was there moe happy memories than sad. How did this year treat you?

Then you need to look back on your memories from that year, for example the good times and bad, I personally list some of them as it allows me to be grateful for all of the things I have done and the people I have met. A gratitude list is a good way to start as you are remembering what has happened over that 365 days and how it made you feel. I also look back through my diary and all of the experiences that I have survived and grown from.

Now how did my 2018 treat me? Well overall this year was good, better than 2017 anyways because that year was a wreck! I have learnt so much, met so many people and just in general been myself more and I am ready to make 2019 as good as it can be, starting by passing my exams and my mock. I have met guys and I have lost them. I have made a new friend who is my rock. And my mental health hasnt been as bad, I am learning how to deal with me and how I am feeling.

But a big part of my happiness is my family, not only my family at home but you guys! You have helped me so much in my writing which is were I can go to escape and learn from you amazing, beautify people and I just want to say thankyou! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!

I will be uploading soon X

2019 goals and resolutions

Hey guy! Long time no see! Well it is finally 2019 and I am going to be sharing with you my goals and resolutions for this year, lets make it better than the last one shall we! Make sure to leave a like, comment you resolutions I would love some ideas and also make sure to follow all of my social media that will be linked below and without any further ado lets get into how to have a mindful 2019!

1. Journaling every day if possible
I find that journaling and just writing in general, whether that is a blog post or even a shopping list, it just makes me feel so relaxed. Writing has always been something that allows me to reflect on how I am feeling and I hate it when I don’t get time to write. So that is why I want to do more writing as it really impacts my soul and mental health which leads into my second resolution which is …
2. Dabble in the art of tarot,energies and crystals
I have always found that I am a spiritual person and recently I have just been so in love with the world of tarot and connecting with my inner light and soul. So I want to dive into it with crystals and energy and basically cleansing my energy. I will let you know how it goes because I also want to continue wit my astrology which is another thing that allows me to reflect on how I am feeling.
3. Read more (Non-fic and fictional)
Yet another thing that allows me to reflect on my energy and emotions is reading as I see it as my alone time, nobody bothers me and there is truly nothing better than sitting with a coffee and a new book (my favourite smell is the pages of a new book, who agrees let me know in the comments below!) books and libraries have always been my safe haven and again when I don’t read it effects me dramatically. So taking the time to read more will just make me a happier person. (let me know if you want me to do book reviews or start a book club below)

Now for my goals of the year which I have managed to condense into 5 points
1. Get abs
Now this isn’t just about getting abs it is about just being healthy in general and working it but the goal is for me to attain abs by the end of it.
2. Get good grades in my exams and mocks
Again a very important factor of my life is school so studying hard and putting in the effort to get good grades is a priority of mine
3. Get to 150 followers on my blog Lifes little things
My blog is a place for people to read about anything and everything so I see it as a place we all can come together and share opinions and ideas. The more of us there are the more people I can effect and learn from. (if you could help by telling your friends I would be so appreciative because I love all of you like family)
4. Drink more water and clear my skin
Water has so many benefits, clear skin being one of them and in turn it makes you a happier and healthier person.
5. Work on my mental well-being and confidence issues
I recently had to stand in front of a church and sing a solo and I almost bricked it honestly but I need to work on that If I want to be successful in life, so this needs to be worked on and links in with my mental health.

This year is all about my spirituality and mental well being, looking after not only body and mind but soul too. Let me know your resolutions and I will be uploading soon

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Strange happenings?!

So I need to help guys, recently for about the last 2 months I have been having some occurrences. Firstly the numbers 911 and 1111 have been everywhere so for example I open my phone randomly and the time is 9:11 or 11:11. And I start getting a weird feeling like an an energy and my phone will ding. Now I don’t know what this means but just then I was listening to a song and was thinking about a guy I liked and kind of laughed saying ooo imagine if he text me as the song finished… well he did. We weren’t talking before but he randomly texts me as I say imagine if he texts me as the music stops. I don’t know what it means if you have any ideas let me know. I will resume uploading on the 22nd x

Do they like me back?

So I have been going through something recently and it is eating me up inside because I feel I can’t tell anyone. This is a common thing but guys… I still love my ex. Make sure to leave a like, comment and click follow to see more of what I post and lets get into it.

So me and my ex boyfriend broke up about 3 years ago and we are in the same class so I see him every day. I never stopped having feeling for him and recently we have gotten very close again. By this I mean he sits behind me in some lessons and he will start messing with my hair and trying to get my attention by kicking my chair and putting his legs up on me. I don’t know if this means he likes me but he is getting very touchy touchy if you get what I mean. The truth is we broke up because I needed to put me and my mental health first and I am scared that if I fall for him again my issues will push him away. I opened up to him about something very sad that happened last year and it has effected me ever since. He was understanding and will not leave y side if he thinks I am upset. Let me know what you guys think does he like me?

Well anyways if you relate I am here to give you some advice on how to tell if your crush likes you…even if I can’t tell if the guy I like likes me back! Here we go|!
1. If he/she always tries to talk to you or relate to something that happened between you.
“omg do you remember when…”
2. If he/she is always trying to touch or lean on you
3. If he/she sticks up for you when you are being teased
4. If he/she is always complimenting you
5. if he/she texts you all the time or tries to hang out with you
6. if he/she gets embarrassed when your friends say “oh do you like her?”

Well guys are there any guys or girls who are ticking all of these boxes in your life let me know in the comments and I will be uploading soon