Types of teachers

So as part of the back to school series I thought I would do another “types of “ post about the types of teachers but before that make sure to leave a like,comment if you know these types of teachers and follow my instagram @lif3s_little_things and with that lets get on into it!

The way too nice teacher
We all have that teacher who will let you get away with anything just so they can be seen as cool. Whether that is letting you eat gum to letting you listen to music they will do watever to get down with the kids.

The boring teacher
If you hate a subject you are more than likely going to hate the teacher. They tend to be bporing and drone on bour things you do not have a care about and for me it is algebra. We are never ,ever, ever going to use it but it is taught as such a big deal BORING!

Way too chill teacher
They let you on your phone the whole lesson and don’t teach you anything even if you threw a chair at them would you get in trouble? NOPE. They are the best teachers ever

The extremely hot teacher
Yes we can fancy our teacher but hey we can’t help it. From the sexy english teacher to the fit Pe teacher we can sometimes find people in our school who we are instantly taken by.

The teacher who is always angry
They seem to be triggered by the smallest things and the more angry they get the louder their voice becomes. Then when they ask for homework and you haven’t done it the volcanoe finally errupts!

The new teacher
They have no clue what they are doing and frankly get treated with the worst attitude ever. It can be an extremely hard time for teachers like thisbecause they are the fresh meat and an easy target

The storyteller
Well this is the teacher who thinks every topic relates to an amazing story from their life which they continue to tell for the next hour until they have wasted the whole lesson

The teacher who is only nice around the principle
One minuite they are screaming at you calling you worthless but then as soon as Mr Smith shows he is telling you all the things you are going to do in life and saying you are the best student ever! Fake alert!

The substitute
Filling in for a sick teacher, they get as much hate as the new teacher and are not taken seriously and frankly are too scared to stop their pupils acting out

Hope you enjoyed, comment if you have seen any of these stereotypes and I will be uploading soon X


Annies road

Annies road is an extremely popular road In New Jersey that is said o be haunted by the spirit of a young girl known as Annie. Hey guys! Welcome back to another blog! Make sure to leave a like,comment if you have ever seen a ghost and follow my instagram @lif3s_little_things and with that lets continue!

So Annies road is an old old country road in New Jersey which has several sharp turns and is not well lit. Over the years there have been a large number of deaths and accidents on this road but what has caused them? And is the reason supernatural? Many claim to have seen a ghostly appertition of a woman walking along the road dressed in all white. According to legend a yound woman called Annie lived in the area in the 1960’s, on her prom night she was waiting for her boyfriend to pick her up on the sde of the road. He arrived an hour late and they got into argument which resulted in Annie storming off, slamming the door behind her. She walked home alone but along the way a car of drunken sailors picked her up. They abused and murdered her and eventually dumped her body on the side of the road. This terrible accident meant that her ghost was doomed to haunt the lonely road for all of eternity. It is said that on the anniversary of her death every year she causes another accident.

Some say that allegedly she appears as a hitchhiker and if you pick her up she will cause you to loose control of your vehicle and make you crash. Others say she appears in the middle of the road causng you to swerve and eventually crash, or she possesses the driver and forces you off the road.

NOW if you want to see the ghost of Annie for whatever reason all you have to do is drive down this road listening to “oldies music” in the pitch black and sure enough she will appear. Now in the 1960’s a group of teenagers must have seen Annie because their car went off the road for no reason and crashed into a ditch and they all died on impact. On another occasion, three girls hit a tree whilst doing 70mph and police believe they were being chased by something… Or someone?! Finally a local resident was actually run over by a teenage girl who was supposedly trying to get away from the ghost we know as Annie!

Well guys that was a quick review of annies road I hope you enjoyed and I will be uploading soon X

Embarrasing moments in school

So school can be amazin, but it can also be one of the most awkward stages of anyones life. We all have acne and braces, nobody knows who they are in themselves and when you embarrass yourself you just want the world to open up and swallow you. Well in this blog I am going to be telling you some embarrassing and awkward moments that you may experience in schools. But before all of that, hey guys! Welcome back to another blog! Make sure to leave a like, comment an embarrassing experience that you’ve had and follow my instagram @lif3s_little_things and lets get on into this post!

Slipping in the middle of something
From falling over in the hall to steppuing on the football and faling flat on yur arse, tripping is one of the most embarrasing thing that can ever happen. I once was playing football when it was raining and just as I ws going to score I stood on the ball and it sent me flying on my arse across the playground. And it hurt like hell I can tell you that! The worst part is it has happened more than once!

Getting a question wrong in class
Yes we all know it, you think you know how to do it;but you just don’t. Whether you stick up your hand or the teacher picks you getting an answer wrong sucks. Especially when you are super cofident you have the answer and it isn’t right! BIG OOPS! Seriously though it is no big deal we all get answers wrong so don’t let it get you down. IT STILL SUCKS THOUGH

Getting rejected by someone you like
This can happen in everyday life but when the person you like says the dreaded word “NO” you want to just be invisible. Well just take it on the chin, if they don’t say yes, move on. It seems hard but if they say no then they aren’t worth your time. I should know…

Reading something rude in class/reading a word wrong
Whether you read a rude,dirty part of a book in front of your whole class or get a word wrong, reading aloud can be a pian in the ass. You feel like everyne is focusing on what you say and when you get it wrong everyone hears it! Yeah it isn’t great…

Farting in class
Well it speaks for itself when you get caught or even if you are blamed for someone letting one off it sucks because the whole room of people just turns on you. The rhymes start “who ever smelt it dealt it” “who ever did the rhyme did the crime” Come on guys grow up!

Ok that was all of the things I could think of make sure to like and comment if you have experienced any of these and I will be uploading soon X

Health, fitness and well being

So guys I know that I go on about sharing my workouts and health schedule with you so I thought I would start a new series all about my health,fitness and well being. This series will be coming very shortly I just have to prepare some ideas and write some blog posts so that they are done and ready but wghat would you like to see me do? From a health Q/A to my anxiety and stress as long as it is related to health in some way!

The dancing forest

So in Russia there are trees that grow in twists and twirls… weird huh? Well it’s true and there are so many beliefs and that is what we are going to be looking at today. But before that, hey guys welcome back. Make sure to leave a like, comment if you think this forest is supernatural or coincidence an follow my instagram @lif3s_little_things and with that lets get into it!

“The dancing forest” is the name given to the pine forest in Russia due to the trees that are all twisted, twirled and curved. The trees there have even created circular hoops and loops and people are beginning to question “What on earth is going on?”.

Well trees were planted on the site in the early 1960’s in order to stabelize the dune sand. Some people say the unstable sand is the reason for the trees growing in such a perculiar way. However scientists and other individuals don’t believe this is the case.

Locals call the forset the “drunked forest” because of the way the trees look . Countless studies have been conducted I an attempt to figure it all out but results have been inconclusive. The main theory is that pine shoot moth catapillars have damaged the pine shoot buds at an early age causing them to bend. Finally straightening out as normally trees grown towards the sun, but there is no scientific evidence. Weird right?!

Others blame strong winds for the trees shape where as others think it is because of human manipulation of the trees. But many, many people put it down to supernatural causes and here are some of the theories!

Posotive and negative entities/energues clashed manipulating the shape of the trees.
Centuries ago on the site the trees were forced to dance to prove there was a christian God.
Others believe it is a powerful, spiritual place and go there to pray
If you climb through the hoops and loops of the trees a year will be added to your lifetime and if you make a wish before climbing through the bend it will come true shortly after
It was occupied by a witch who would have the trees dance for her and the trees are in the positions they last danced in
So what do we all think of these theories? Do you believe them? Let me know below and I will be Uploading Soon X

Vision boards

So I use vision boards every month to help me attract my goals or achieve my dreams and in todays blog I am going to talk you through how exactly to make one and what they are used for. Hey guys! Make sure to leave a like,comment and follow @lif3-s_little_things on instagram and let us continue!

So vision boards are used o concentrate your energy on your goals and dreams in this life. What you focus on, you attract for example I bought some new vans because that was my goal and I focusd on it and all of a sudden these shes popped up everywhere because my energy was concentrated so hard on them.

Now to make one you can use either a white board, bulletin board or a piece of paper whatever because ethe quality doesn’t matter but the intent does. Make sure to be very specific about what you write so a G wagon in yellow. I want a G wagon in yellow before the year ends

1. Who’s vision board is it – your name
2. The month and year
3. weekly goals – example is to upload 4 blogs a week on thursday, saturday, tuesday and friday (very specific)
4. Monthly goals – example is to loose 10 pounds this month or receive £1,000 bonus at work
5. Major goals- example go on a world tour or release merch
6. A quote that inspires you – “she believed she could so she did”
7. Wishes – example heal my burn

I hope that gave you some ideas on a vision board make sure to leave a like and I will be uploading soon X

Types of students in school

So another of my back to school episodes, types of students. Hey guys!welcome bak make sure to leave a like, comment if you have seen any of these stereotypes and follow my instagram @lif3s_little_things and with that lets get into it!

The cheater
The kid who decides he has the right to write all of the answers on his body, on paper, in their water bottle but then denies when he is accused of cheating!

The creepy kid
The one who acts like a creep. From staring at you blank faced to screaming at random people in the hall. We all have the kid who is just a little… well odd

The daydreamer
They fall into a dream in lesson and fail to awaken when they are screamed at. It takes a bucket of water chucked over their head to finally awake them from their slumber

The savage
Rude to teachers, pupils and feel they can do whatever they want. From being on their phone in lesson to answering back, the savage is just plain annoying but feels they are extremely cool when sadly they are not

The best friends
Chatting, Chatting and oh wait… Chatting. The best friends can talk without words and come up with a series of actions when they are meant to be silent. They know everything about one another and never do anything without the other. They are inseperable

The teachers pet
Tries their hardest to be a goody two shoes to please the teacher from inviting them to their birthday to buying presents and doing their homework early. We all know someone who does this

Thanks for reding I will be uploading soon X