June blogs

Hey guys now that my exams are mostly over I want to work on my blog, its appearance and it’s content. That is why I will be starting uploading again in June in order to give myself time to make these changes. I also just had something published and I am exited to write about that. If you have any suggestions or content ideas let me know, and also make sure to. Check out my insta @lif3s_little_things that will also be updated in July with new and exciting posts including some of my music content so get excited.Hope your all looking forward to it and I will be uploading soon X


My blog

Hey guys! I haven’t posted in so long and to be honest I feel like I have let you all down. Overall this is the one thing that I love, blogging, and sometimes I get so caught up with school because of my upcoming exams this blog is sort of forgotten. In the future I would love to have a successful blog but the truth is with all of my school work the things I want to make happen aren’t happening. So because of this I have decided until my exams are over I won’t be posting unless I have time as my grades are important but so is my blog. After my exams are over I would like to make this a more interactive blog and maybe even allow you guys to send in some stuff that you want people to see. It has always been my dream to create a place for people to share their story and be themselves without getting hate for it as I have experienced that myself. Here I see you all as my family because you are all so loving and supportive and I want to give back to you guys. So if you want to see me d anything then comment down below because I just want to share my thoughts with you guys and yeah leave a like,comment, and follow to see more of what I post and yeah I will be uploading soon X

Pepper the rescue pup

This is pepper, a rescue from Spain that we recently adopted. She has travelled from Wednesday up until yesterday at 9:30 and I can tell that she is going to love living with us. Full of energy and love Pepper has made the house light up and I will be sharing her story through updates. Look forward to seeing this little pup more as she is a bundle of fluff and love. Follow, Leave a like and a comment and I will be uploading soon X

My f*** it list

Hey guys! So in my future I would love to do so many things from bunji jumping to absailing, some of the things on this list have already been fulfilled but I would love to do them again. This list may give you some ideas on what to do in the future and yeah make sure to leave a like,comment what you would love to do and make sure to follow and lets get on with it!

1. So I really want to travel to New Zealand to do a bunji jump from the tallest building. I saw this is a TFIL video and I was certain that I will do it
2. See and possibly touch a tiger or a big cat because they are amazing and majestic
3. I want to travel to see the northern lights
4. I would love to spend the night in a tree house at Chuten Glenn where I want my wedding and 18th birthday
5. Finally I want to travel to Brazil and Tokyo as I have always loved these countries. Another is India because I am fascinated by the culture.


OK I hope you enjoyed of course this list will grow but yeah I will be uploading soon X