My goals

“To succeed in your mission you must have single-minded devotion to your goal”-Abdul Kalam

Right, recently I have been so set on achieving the goal of drinking so much more water because my skin has been breaking out like crazy. And this is what this blog post is based on my new goals. Hey guys! Make sure to leave a like, comment and follow my instagram @lif3s_little_things and with that let us continue into this blog post!

1. Drink more than 2 litres of water a day because this will help to clear my skin and in turn make my mental health so much better because I won’t be worried about how my skin looks all the time
2. Drink water half an hour before and after every meal so I can remember to drink my water because I always forget to
3. Eat more whole/plant based foods because it is so much healthier than packaged goods which contain so much secret salts and sugars
4. Try going vegan which I tried but failed. I want to because I don’t like the thought of abusing the use of animals
5. Workout 3X a week to be happier with my body
6. Try yoga every night for 15 mins to help with my anxiety and my flexibility
7. Meditate every night to help me be more calm and settle my anxiety
8. Read morebecause reading is a sort of therapy for me and it helps me relax and wind down
9. Write something every night another sort if therapy whether it is journaling, blogging or researching things
10. Wake up at 6:30 and go to bed at 10pm to help me work harder and feel less stressed and anxious
11. Work hard on homework and at school as I want to get good grades especially as I am now in year 10 doing GCSES
12. Get to 100 followers on wordpress before December so I can help people going through the same things as me (MAKE SUE TO SHARE ME TO PEOPLE TO REACH OUR GOAL)
13. Keep out of drama because life is to short to waste
14. Research every night about something I am interested in to learn more about things that I love
15. Decorate my room so I have a happy place to hide when I feel down
16. Run more than 3k without stopping before christmas as I want to prove to myself that I can
17. Write in my diary everyday so I can clear my head
18. Learn more on the piano to show my skills to everyone on instagram @lif3s_little_things
19. Keep my rrom tidy to keep me and everyone else happy with the surroundings
20. Get my splits before christmas because I used to be a gymnast and I MISS IT
21. Touch my toes with my face on my knees before Christmas to imprve my flexbility
22. Take care of myself and focus on my mental health bevause I am also important
23. Grow my hair and nails because I want them to grow longer so I can tap them ahahah
24. Meal prep for my school lunches to save time

So leave your goals below and I will be uploading soon X


The law of attraction

“Whatever we plant in our subconsious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become reality”-Earl Nightingale
So recently I have been really into yoga and meditation and when researching I came across a thing called “The law of attraction”. Now this is something that I have been living by for the longest time and until now I only just found it’s true meaning.

But before we get into all of that Hey guys! I am back after coming home from portugal, make sure to leave a like,comment and follow all of my other social media platforms (It’s just @Lif3s_little_things on instagram make sure to check it out) and lets get on into this new series “the universal laws”!

So when you search the law of attraction this is the defenition…

“When someone visulaizes clearly and in detail what they want to achive, and focuses on that image, they set in motion the law of attraction a chain of events that eventually culminates in the materialization of that vision.”

Now if you dont get what this means it is basically saying that if you focus on something really hard and you think of it every day, it will soon become reality. For example my dream car is a yellow jeep, now in order for the law of attraction to take place I would think of this car, focusing on it and eventually with this I will finally have my car. Obviously it won’t have just appeared from a puff of smoke IT ISN’T A MAGICAL GENIE, I will have wanted this thing so much and been so determined that without realizing I will have saved and saved until the car became mine.

But how can you use this in everyday life to get what you have always wanted…

I like using dream boards so I will write down lets say “I will have my yellow jeep” but this isn’t enough you have to be in detail and be confident tat you will have your car by that point. So the correct way would be “I will have my yellow jeep by August 14th”. This gives you a date so you can start to become to determined on getting your jeep.

The law of attraction is part of the “universal laws” and is absolutely one hundred percent true. It shows us that with the right mind set and determination we can achieve anyting we desire. A jeep, A cat , an apartment by the end of the month. Anything is possible.

I hope you enjoyed this post and learnt a lot from it. I am still learning and I don’t fully understand it yet but I know that we attract what we focus on. Like when we think positively everything that follows is super great just like when we are thinking with a negatively, everythng seems to go wrong.

Well I will be uploading soon X

The aging doll

So Dolls, creepy right, when we are told about anabell shivers go up your spine and goose bumps start to appear. Well this post isn’t about Annabel it is about “The doll that aged”. But before that, hey guys! Make sure to leave a like,comment your thoughts and follow my social media platforms like my instagram which is @lif3s_little_things and yeah lets get on into this!

So the aging doll was bought by a family who wan to remain unknown as not to be associated with the dool, for their daughter. It was a beautiful baby faced doll that seemed as normal as a doll could be. Well this doll was no longer being played with by the little girl and was put in the attic for safe keeping along with all of the other childhood toys and memories. Well a decade later (11yrs) the family decided to clean out the attic and they came across a doll with the face of an old woman. Now this doll had wrinkles and seemed to have mumified. But it was wearing the clothes of the baby doll that they had once bought for their daughter. Creepy right.

Wel it is said that when looking into the eyes of the doll they sensed a presence so like any normal person they sent this doll away. The doll was rehomed again and again and now the where abouts is unknown.

Now there are so many theories about why the doll aged. The first being that an entity was inside the doll, possessing it and living on inside of this doll. But the second is black magic. Magic has been used so that the doll ages on behalf of the person who put the spell there so that they remain youthful. Now that is interesting to think about right? Now doll collecters say that it doesn’t seem likely that a doll could have just aged on it’s own like this. So what is inside of this doll and where is it now? Nobody knows.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and I will be uploading soon X

Get lit with me – August playlist

“Without music, life would be a mistake”-Friedrich Nietzsche

Hey guys! So recently my playlist has been am packed with amazing songs and such talented artists its unbelievable! Well in this post I am going to be sharing my playlist so that you guys can get lit with me! But before that make sure to leave a like,comment and share my blog with others along with my other pltforms on social media. And with that lets get into it!!!!!

1. I have loved listening to the new- mamma mia here we go again- soundrack. It just takes me back to the first movie and I Love it so much
2. The -Oh wonder- playlists are so great and they give a really chill vibe when I listen to them. Mostly I listen to it on a morning
3. -Billie Eillish- is another amazing singer and her stuff is so nice to listen to. Every time I hear her voice it makes me want to dance on the tables
4. I have been listenong to a lot of musical theatre such as -wicked- and -ghost-. I love singing to them in the sower and yeah check them out!
5. Shawn mendes -in my blood- is another tune that I love and can’t stop listening to!
6. Lastly ariana grande -no tears left to cry- WHAT AN ABSOLUTE TUNE!!!!
I know this was only short but all of these songs are amazing. Make sure to comment uour favourite songs at the moment and I will listen to them all and yeah I will be uploading soon X

My year 10 worries

So because I am going into year 10 and am really starting to get into my GCSE’S I thoguht I would share with you some of my thoughts and some worries for starting in year 10. However just bare in mind this isn’t meant to scare those of you also at this stage it is just to share my opinion on the subject. But before all of that Hey guys! Welcome back we are finally in the month of augusr and I am kinda loving it even if july was pretty cool. Make sure to lave a like, comment and follow this blog and all of my other social media platforms and yeah lets get into it!

So first thought is that I am so happy to drop the subjects that I hate… to name a few GEOGRAPHY AND HISTORY. I don’t dislike history but I find it sooo hard to follow.It is going to be so weird not dreading these lessons but I think I am going to love it!

I a scared of how much work and the fear of slacking but I need to focus because ethis is the year that counts more than ever. No matter how much work and how boring Ineed to keep interested and focused.

We have so many new teachers and I am scared they will not beat the standars of the old teachers. Every teacher has their own way of teaching I will just have to get used to it .

Drama is something I hate and the last thing I want is for it to distract me fro the most important thing… WORK! I am not getting involved with any of it.

Lunch duty does seem cool being et out of lessons but I am scared of back chat from the younger kids… can I send them to the back? Let me know

Finally everything is going so fast and I am scared that the next thing is college then after that its university. I need to take everyday as it comes and not look into the future or the past!

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Anxiety when travelling

So I am a very anxious person and travel is one of thre things that spikes a worry inside of me and obviously there are some of you out there that also struggle with this too. So I thought that I would give you some things to do whislt traveling to sort of keep your anxiety at a level you are happy with. But before that Hey guys! Welcome back to another blog make sure to leave a like,comment ideas and follow me on this blog and my other social media sites. But ets get on into it

1. Make an anxiety chart
By this I mean make a chart of the days of the months you are travelling and colour coordianate emotions to colours. For example on mine purple is bad, green is good, oink is great. During this period colour in how you are feeling day by day so that you get an overall view of your anxiety and you can question why you felt that way
2. Write a diary
Writing your feelings down is a great way to open up how you feel if you find it hard to express yourself. You can connect with how you feel and look back on your life. I use one and it really helps!
3. Sleep Chart
You can decide whether your mood is reflecting off of your lack of sleep so make a chrt about how much you sleep over the period of time and see if you are getting enough.
4. Colouring
It is very theraputic and alows you to relax and chill out. You are also colouring in your charts as shon above whether you draw something and colour it or buy a colour book but yeah

Ok so that is it make sure to leave some love and I wil be uploading soon X

Treat yourself this summer

So In this blog I am going to be telling you some easy things you can do over this summer period to treat yourself because life can be stressful. But before that hello guys welcome back make sure to leave a like,comment and follow all of my other social media including my instagram which is just @lif3s_little_things. And with that lets get into 5 DIFFERENT WAYS TO TREAT YOURSELF THIS SUMMER!!

1. SPA DAY whether this is a face mask or a full blown massage evryone deserves this time to chill out and think about you. The stress of life can sometimes cause us to forget about the important things… ourselves. Take thia time to focus on you and what you want because sometimes we have to be selfish.
2. SHOPPING no not for groceries bu for things not necessarily things you need but what you want. Whether thats a gold watch that you always walk by and never purchase or a new lipstick. Treat yourself to what your heart desires and SPLASH SOME CASH
3. NAILS yes I love getting my nails done because when times get hard I look down at my nails and think “hey at least these are cute” although expensive they are a great way to treat yourself
4. FOOT RUB/SPA DAY getting your feet done can be SOOOO relaxing so get a friend,family member or partner and make them slave away on your feet because hey think about all the things you did for them in the past
5. and finally GET A MAKEOVER they are exremely interesting as you see the techniques and you get to look absolutely fabulous. GO ON treat yourself

Ok guys hope you enjoyed, like, comment and follow and check ou tmy instagram whilst doing so. I will be uploading soon X